Timeless Guimarães

Private Full-Day Tour

The history of Guimarães is the history of Portugal. From its Iron Age roots to World Heritage, come and discover Guimarães. From County to Country.

Come and discover Guimarães, the “Cradle of Nationality”, where Portugal and its first King were born. Best known for its exquisitely recovered medieval city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city holds much more secrets than just the center. Throughout your journey, we will guide you through the history of the region, from its iron age roots to what became one of the most charming cities in Portugal. Embark on a journey of discovery, where you will get to know:

– the “Citânia de Briteiros”, an iron age primitive settlement of the “Castro” type

– “Castelo de Guimarães”, a 10th-century castle that survived many battles, and where it is said that the first king of Portugal was born

– The “Paço dos Duques”, the 15th-century palace of the Bragança lineage, and nowadays the official residence of the President of the Republic in the north

– the meandering cobbled streets where hundreds of tannery tanks still show the hard life of those who worked there

– the unique pastry of Guimarães, “Tortas”, only for the sweet-toothed ones

– finish with a breathtaking views from the Penha mountain..

and so much more…we will take you a careful selection of at least a dozen points of interest. In the city center, the majority of the visit will be made on foot, which is the best way to explore this area. Feel free to request changes or adaptions to enrich your experience. We recommend the use of comfortable shoes.

We will take care of food and beverages. Just let us know of any restrictions when you fill the booking form.


Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, we can only book 2 passengers OR 3 passengers if from the same household.

From 65€ per person


Prices per person*

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*children under 12: 60€