Wonders Of Gerês

Private Full-Day Tour

A careful selection of the best and most recognizable landmarks from the Peneda-Gerês National Park, from amazing waterfalls to fabulous viewpoints.

Discover the charms of the Peneda-Gerês National Park on a private tour in an off-road vehicle. You will visit the landmarks of the Park, such as…

– the breathtaking views from Pedra Bela

– the stony steps of Arado River bridge and waterfall

– the silence around Fafião wolf trap

– the glistening waters of the”Fecha de Barjas” waterfall

and so much more…we will take you a careful selection of at least a dozen points of interest. We will need to walk a little to reach some of the more off the beaten path stops, and if you wish, we can make a longer stop at one of the waterfalls for a swim. Feel free to request changes or adaptions to enrich your experience. We recommend the use of appropriate mountain shoes and comfortable clothing, and if you wish to go for a swim, bring your shorts, towel, etc.

We will take care of food and beverages. Just let us know of any restrictions when you fill the booking form.


Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, we can only book 2 passengers OR 3 passengers if from the same household.

From 65€ per person


Prices per person*

1 – 200€

2 – 100€

3 – 75€

4 – 65€

*children under 12: 60€